Blast Band Battle!!

Thanks for joining the BLAST BAND BATTLE 2023! You are about to embark on an epic journey to find out if you can earn the title of The Best Rock Band in the Land! This is a double elimination tournament so make sure you bring you’re “A” game each round. In each round you will go up against another band. A panel of judges will review your audition video and reach out to you if we decide to do an interview and critique your audition video on air.
So please make sure you are checking your email inbox and spam. Even if you do not make the audition shows you are still set for the contest. Please stay tuned for more information, this is going to be EPIC!! Good Luck and Let’s Keep Rock Alive!!
Winner of the BLAST Band Battle will Receive:
  • ♪ A Recording Deal for an EP
  • ♪ Video Shoot for One Song
  • ♪ Professional Photo Shoot
  • ♪ Promotion of the EP for 2 year
  • ♪ And much, much more!!
Format: 123-456-7890
Minimum 8 characters
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