Writer and producer

Tyler Vatcoskay

Please contact me at : tdirtyonthebeat@sleepfighterstudios.com

Meet T-dirty on the Beat, Music Producer at your service! He creates emotional evocation and physical provocation: music that makes us feel and move! He can produce hard-hitting hip-hop to smooth, easy-listening, energetic EDM to heart-wrenching orchestral and beyond. T-Dirty is our in-house virtuoso!


DRay The Producer

Please contact me at : draytheproducer@soulresmusic.com

The Divine Favor Project is a multi-genre music project led by musician and producer DRay The Producer. With a career spanning over 30 years, The Divine Favor Project has cemented themselves as a creative force in the music industry. The Divine Favor Project began as an outlet for DRay The Producer’s experimentation with blending elements of Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop, and Chill Music to create a unique and dynamic sound. The project's debut single, Seasons Change featuring Meek, was released to critical acclaim and established The Divine Favor Project as a rising talent in the music scene. Since then, The Divine Favor Project has released several more singles, each showcasing DRay The Producer’s growth as a musician and expanding the project's sonic palette. The Divine Favor Project's live performances are known for their energy and improvisation, often featuring collaborations with other musicians. In addition to their work with The Divine Favor Project, DRay The Producer has also collaborated with other artists and producers, and their music has been featured in film, television, and web series. The Divine Favor Project continues to push the boundaries of their art and evolve as musicians and creative influencers. For more information: http://linktr.ee/DRayTheProducer